Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Heated Swimming Pool at Casa Pino solo Iznajar Andalucia Spain

Hi to all my friends/guests!!
Just to let you know our heated swimming pool is on and the pool is over 27 degrees and perfect to swim in right now!!!!We turn our pool heater usually in the middle of March/end of March as soon as the night ambient temperatures are at the right temperature and it stays on till May/June when the sun does the job automatically.
We have extended seasons of swimming here as any pools without a pool heater are not really swimmable till end of May and by the end of September again are too cold.
If your looking to swim in March/April/May/October and up to mid November then we are the property for you.
Our pool heater works fantastic and we do also have our 39 degree Jacuzzi to accompany the pool so you really have luxurious facilities at Casa Pino Solo.
We are a very large villa that can cater for groups of up to 20 people and in the Winter months we do also offer to run as 3 apartments if the villa has not been booked by a group.
We are central to Andalucia so you can visit all the cities from Casa Pino Solo so do not hesitate to contact me on info@casapinosolo.com for info and pricing.
Thanks Lisa xx

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  1. Wonderful information really like it last time i was spend my holiday vacations in Spain and enjoy lots that time we are looking this kind of facility at under budget and Club Villamar provide this facility and we enjoy lots.....