Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Gorgeous Village Called Almogia - The Almond Festival In September 2013

When you are staying at Casa Pino Solo which is our group luxury villa for rent for up to 20 people in Iznajar Andalucía you can do many day trips out to visit all different villages that are dotted around Andalucía and one of the villages we chose last week was Almogia.
Almogia is a stunning village just one hour from Iznajar through wonderful Countryside that you can really enjoy a fantastic day out.
The almond festival takes place in Almogia and this year in the village is celebrated ninth day of the almond and it is a recent festival. Its objective is to promote the native products in the area to help people get to know the local products you can get here in the lovely village.
It is always celebrated at the end of September and the year of 2013 fell on the 29th September. The streets were filled with stalls where you can try the products and then if you like you can buy them too plus you can get to taste the typical dishes like the “chanfaina” and the “almendrado”.
The “panda de verdiales” and “coro de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción” are responsible to entertain the visitors with their songs. Typical crafts as “pleita” and saddler are made in some stalls and you will see the entertainers going up and down the village singing and dancing and making every visitor welcome here.
Coaches come in from all over to be apart of the festival and if you happen to be in Spain during the date then it is a must to go and visit and enjoy the foods,drink, entertainment and the vibrant atmosphere.
We hope to see you at Casa Pino Solo next September and you can then go to visit this stunning location.
Lisa xx