Monday, 26 December 2011

Sugar Factory In Rute,Cordoba Province,Amazing Statue of Michael Jackson

Happy Xmas everyone and we hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and enjoyed the festive time!!!
I have posted some fantastic pictures today of the sugar factory in Rute only 20 minutes from Casa Pino Solo and they have a new statue of Michael Jackson that is made out of sugar.All of the photos of everything else including the Alhambra Palace are also hand made out of sugar and really amazing to see as the work that goes into these are just unbelievable.
This factory is open all year round and if you want to visit it to see these fantastic pieces you can get there very easy from our luxury holiday villa.
You can also purchase hand made cakes and sweets so anyone who has a sweet tooth this is the perfect place for you.
Do take a look at the photos!
We wish you all a wonderful New Year from Lisa and Nige at Casa Pino Solo,Inajar,Andalucia!!!

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