Monday, 5 September 2011

Large Group Villa Sleeping 20 In Iznajar,Andalucia,Spain

In Andalucia at this time of year the hunting season has already started and they have now been hunting for a few weeks on a Sunday and will continue until around Xmas time.
I have a few photos that were taken only 5 minutes drive from Casa Pino Solo Iznajar Andalucia yesterday and it is amazing to watch,of course if your luckily enough to see them in action.
In our area of Cordoba Province the main animals that are hunted now are rabbits and also hares and there are so many of them at the moment its a hunters paradise.
The hunters do also hunt birds too and the most popular bird is the Spanish red-leg partridge.They take their dogs with them and their guns and when the dogs are set loose they will aim at any game they see whilat also taking care that it is a legally permitted size and age to be shot.
Most people hunt on their private estate of land or other organizations arrange hunting through their local town halls/councils.There are also internsive hunting grounds,controlled reserves and National hunting reserves and anyone who is hunting must be licensed and have a gun license too.
It is very interesting to hear and watch and then at 2pm all the men are in the local tapas bars drinking whilst the wives are at home preparing the catch of the day for lunch.If you visit Andalucia at this time of year you will most definately here the shooting on a Sunday morning!!

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