Thursday, 29 September 2011

Group Holiday For 20 At Casa Pino Solo,Iznajar,Andalucia!Visit Almogia During Your Stay

On the 25th September my in laws were here in Spain staying with us for a week and we decided to visit the Almond Festival in the beautiful white washed village of Almogia that is only one hour away from our luxury villa Casa Pino Solo in Iznajar,Cordoba Province,Andalucia.
What a fantastic day it was,the whole village was filled with a massive craft market with so many different stalls of free alcohol made from Almonds,tasters of cheese and meats and lovely honeys that you could buy and even the bees were on display.
So many Spanish ladies were dressed in the most pretty outfits and the bands were playing around the streets and in the big square at the bottom of the village.There was also paella that you could buy for only 4 euros a portion,what a bargain!!
This festival is on every year and is lovely to see to really experience the true inland Spain which is so much nicer than the coastal areas and the date always falls on the closest Sunday around this time.
If you would like to come to our luxury villa and travel to see this real lovely day out Casa Pino Solo is still available next year in September or of course we have other dates and some fantastic special offers running at the moment.
For anyone interested in a holiday at our luxury group villa do get intouch and i hope to see you soon.Thanks Lisa x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Luxury Group Holiday For 20 People,Casa Pino Solo,Iznajar,Andalucia

Thanks to David Grant we all had a wonderful night at Los Pajaritos on Friday the 23rd September who sang live music for the evening including Elvis songs!Ive just loaded plenty of photos in so you can see what a great night was had!
At Las Pajaritos you can enjoy an evening out as Antonio the owner of the bar does organise events and if you happen to be booked into Casa Pino Solo when there is an organised evening i will ensure i let you know so you can join in the fun!
We still have a small amount of availability for this year and are currently taking booking now for 2012 and 2013 so if your looking for a group family holiday do contact me to discuss your requirements.
Thanks and have a great week Lisa xx

Monday, 19 September 2011

Group Holiday For 20 At Casa Pino Solo,Iznajar,Andalucia

Well we are now well into September,where has this year flew to!!The temperatures in Andalucia are still in the mid to high 30 degrees and its beautiful weather but its that time now where the pool temperatures are starting to drop and will become unswimable very soon.
Here at our luxury villa Casa Pino Solo in Iznajar,Andalucia we have our swimming pool heated so everyone who comes to stay at our villa gets swimming temperatures at over 27 degrees which is a major factor to many peoples holidays so you know you can book our villa and be able to use the facilities day and night.
We do still have some availability throughout November and December and have a half price deal on at the moment so if anyone is looking for a last minute group family holiday then do get intouch with me.
Thanks and speak to you soon Lisa x

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Beautiful Feria In Iznajar On The 7th - 11th September Every Year

Hi Everyone,Last week i gave some information and photographs about the lovely Feria that is celebrated in Iznajar every year on the 7th to the 11th September.
Iznajar is only 5 minutes from Casa Pino Solo and our luxury villa can sleep up to 20 people perfect for a large family or friends group.
I have put loads of photos on facebook today of the daytime procession that takes place at appoximately 1pm every year on the 8th September where all the ladies and children dress up in traditional Spanish atire and do a procession through the streets with the brass band.
I hope you like the photos as i think they are amazing to see with all the flamboyant dresses and if anyone at all is interested in being at Casa Pino Solo next year during these dates i do have the villa available at the moment so please enquire to see the latest offers i have on.You will love all of the 4 days of the feria as it is a special time to celebrate in true Spanish tradition.
Speak soon Lisa x

Monday, 12 September 2011

Beautiful Tapas Bar Called Los CaminosIn Walking Distance To Casa Pino Solo

Our beautiful villa sleeping 20 people called Casa Pino Solo in Iznajar Andalucia Spain has a fantastic tapas bar called Los Caminos within walking distance that is great value and offers many choices of tapas and foods for you.
As we are in inland Spain many properties dont have the luxury of being able to walk to bars so Casa Pino Solo is really in a prime location for you to experience this wonderful place.
Los Caminos is owned by two brothers called Higinio and Pepe who are lovely people and as you enter the bar you will immediately be welcomed with a big smile and Higinio also speaks some English which is a great help for anyone who doesnt speak Spanish.
On a Sunday you can pre order chickens that are ready at 2pm for take away and they are gorgeous.These chickens are perfect for your Sunday lunch as a group at the villa and you can also order extra chips with them too.Myself and Nigel do always offer these out to all groups and families and we will happily pre book them on the Saturday for you ready for you to collect on the Sunday.
Also on the menu is a great range of cold tapas and hot tapas that are delicious and excellent value for money and they also have a full pizza menu and offer burgers,sandwiches and other items so its a great place to stop off any day for lunch and enjoy watching the world go by on the lovely terrace outside.This bar is closed on a Monday but then open 6 days a week from here all day and till late night.
I am always happy to pre book you a table here and if you dont fancy walking then i will also organise taxis for you too.
If you are coming to Casa Pino Solo  dont miss out on this experience of visiting Los Caminos tapas bar as you will love it!!!!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Luxury Group Villa Sleeping 20 In Iznajar,Andalucia

The group of people staying at Casa Pino Solo Iznajar Andalucia this week are really lucky to be here during these next four days as it is the main feria of Iznajar from the 7th September to the 11th September 2011 and is an absolute amazing time celebrating the traditions and being part of the village celebrations with all the locals.
The Feria ia also known as the Grand Fair of Iznajar and is celebrated in honour of the patron saint of Iznajar,the Virgin De La Antiqua y Piedad and during these 4 days there are various religious events held in her name.
During the evening of the 8th the Virgin is taken from the shrine of la Antigua church and carried in a procession through the streets of the town, bestowing her blessing on the thousands of worshippers who accompany the image, and light her way with their candles.
You can see from all the photos that this is the main day of the Feria and the procession is fantastic where you can see at least 40 men carrying the Virgin.
For 4 days and nights there are many other special celebrations with kids processions,sports events,races and a fun fair in town for everyone to enjoy.There is also live music,a rave tent for the yougsters and the other end of town is live bands and flamenco shows.
For anyone interested in seeing this special event in 2012 then Casa Pino Solo is vacant at the moment during these dates and you are most welcome to come and enjoy this joyous occasion.
Take a look at all the photos on facebook and i do hope to see you next year in Iznajar,Andalucia.
Thanks Lisa x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Large Group Villa Sleeping 20 In Iznajar,Andalucia,Spain

In Andalucia at this time of year the hunting season has already started and they have now been hunting for a few weeks on a Sunday and will continue until around Xmas time.
I have a few photos that were taken only 5 minutes drive from Casa Pino Solo Iznajar Andalucia yesterday and it is amazing to watch,of course if your luckily enough to see them in action.
In our area of Cordoba Province the main animals that are hunted now are rabbits and also hares and there are so many of them at the moment its a hunters paradise.
The hunters do also hunt birds too and the most popular bird is the Spanish red-leg partridge.They take their dogs with them and their guns and when the dogs are set loose they will aim at any game they see whilat also taking care that it is a legally permitted size and age to be shot.
Most people hunt on their private estate of land or other organizations arrange hunting through their local town halls/councils.There are also internsive hunting grounds,controlled reserves and National hunting reserves and anyone who is hunting must be licensed and have a gun license too.
It is very interesting to hear and watch and then at 2pm all the men are in the local tapas bars drinking whilst the wives are at home preparing the catch of the day for lunch.If you visit Andalucia at this time of year you will most definately here the shooting on a Sunday morning!!