Thursday, 21 July 2011

Beautiful Beach and Beach Bar At Iznajar,Andalucia,5 Mins From Casa Pino Solo

Todays photos and information are about our beautiful beach and beach bar at Iznajar only 5 minutes away from Casa Pino Solo in Andalucia,Spain.
Our beach is beautiful and it is a real pleasure to be able to sunbathe on the beach and enjoy swimming in the lake without being over crowded on the beaches of the Costa Del Sol.You can enjoy this beach anytime of the day and the peace and tranquility is fantastic.
Right by the beach is our beach bar called Media Luna that opens 6 days a week and has a lovely varied menu from snacks burgers and sandwiches to full meals of fish and meat all good prices.
On a Friday there is a bbq every week starting around 8.30pm and they cook foods like fresh sardines and fish on the boat i have put a picture of and also a full bbq with a massive pork joint plus other foods.You can really enjoy these meals overlooking the water and on the evening see the most wonderful sunset ever.
Media Luna also serves an aray of drinks and has a very large ice cream selection that you can take away to the beach with you.
A stay at Casa Pino Solo is great to be in such close vacinity to such a wonderful area and who would have thought that you could be on a beach in the middle of Andalucia!
This is a trip not to miss and do contact me if you are interested in booking a stay at our beautiful villa in Iznajar and seeing our gorgeous beach and lake!

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