Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Unexpected Cancellation Holiday Week Has Arisen At Casa Pino Solo In Iznajar Andalucia Spain -2nd July - 9th July 2016

We have just received an unexpected cancellation today for the dates of the 2nd July to the 9th July 2016.
If your looking for a group family holiday in Spain this summer we can offer our villa Casa Pino Solo to either a group of 10 OR a group of up to to 14 OR the maximum we can hold is up to 20 people.We have dramatically reduced the week for a very quick sale so if our holiday villa fits your dates please e mail me to get the pricing structure as depending on your group size will depend on the cost.
We have
A beautiful chlorine free pool
Hot Tub
Games area
Free unlimited wifi
A cinema room
A security fenced pool for kids
Sky sports and sky movies
Full disabled access on the ground floor
A adapted bedroom and wet room for a wheel chair user
Wheelchair accessible villa in Spain
Our villa  is second to none so i hope we get to see you in July Lisa xxx

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Our Gorgeous Wheelchair Accessible Villa In Spain Called Casa Pino Solo!!

Hola to everyone!!!!!
Are you searching for a wheelchair accessible villa in Spain to holiday with your family but not have much joy in finding what you are looking for?
Do you want an adapted bedroom and an en suite as a wet room?
Casa Pino Solo is literally just under the hour from Malaga airport and can sleep up to 20 people. We have one adapted bedroom on the ground floor that you can access perfectly in a wheelchair and it also has an adapted bathroom wet room as an en suite.
Our villa is so flexible it suits all families as it can be rented for up to 6 people and up to 10 people out of season and it is really versatile for everyone.
There is access on the whole of the ground floor and even if you don't use a wheelchair but need assistance we are great for you too.
On site we have a wonderful seasonal heated pool,a hot tub,a large games area,a cinema room,full sky sports and movies and free wifi unlimited all round.
If you are looking to holiday this year we have some availability but are now taking bookings for 2017 and 2018 so take a look at www.casapinosolo.com and contact me for previous guest reviews and more information.
We welcome every group and hope you come to stay at Casa Pino Solo in Iznajar in the Andalucian region of Spain....It is simply breath taking here !!!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Amazing October 2015 Deal - If you looking for a Family Holiday In Andalucia Spain This October

Hi to you all!!!!
We have a fantastic bargain available for you to take advantage of this coming October 2015.
Our luxury villa sleeping up to 20 with a heated swimming pool and a 39 degree hot tub is on offer the 11th October to the 24th October
We have 3 ways you can rent our villa for these 13 nights
sleeping up to 20 people is now only 3000 pounds
sleeping up to 10 people with private exclusive rent is only 2500 pounds
sleeping up to 6 people with private exclusive rent is only 2000 pounds
This is an amazing deal and a great time of year to tour Andalucia and enjoy 25 to 30 degrees temperature.
If you want a group family holiday during these dates do get in touch with me whilst this offer is still available.
www.casapinosolo.com or just e mail me direct on info@casapinosolo.com
I hope to see you on holiday at our beautiful villa next month Lisa xx

Monday, 20 July 2015

Bargain Alert - 5th -12th September 2015 Reduced to 1500 Pounds at our group holiday villa in Andalucia Spain

Hola to you all and Happy Monday!!!!!!
This is just to update everyone that we have a last minute deal available at our group holiday villa here in Iznajar Andalucia in Spain.
Casa Pino Solo can sleep up to 10 people at the price of 1200 pounds for the week or up to 20 people at the price of 1500 pounds on the 5th to the 12th September 2015.
This is one amazing bargain and has been reduced to this price just to fill the villa now the dates are so close.
Do contact me on info@casapinosolo.com or visit our website and complete the contact form www.casapinosolo.com  .
This is a great deal and it is also during the week of the main Iznajar feria that is a major event that happens once a year.
Thanks Lisa x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Last Summer Availability For 2015 -Reduced to only 2500 Pounds -25th July -1st August

Hi all!!!!
This is to just tell you we have one final summer date available for 2015 and for your group holiday you can now rent our villa arriving the 25th July and vacate on the 1st August 2015 at a reduced price of only 2500 pounds.
This price includes sleeping up to a maximum of 20 people including children and also all our facilities with no hidden charges.
We have some unique facilities for all the family to enjoy from a magna swimming pool free from chlorine and replaced with rejuvenating crystals,a hot tub,large games area,free wifi,sky sports and sky movies plus much more.
Iznajar is a wonderful place to visit and under one hour from Malaga airport.
For more information please e mail me on info@casapinosolo.com and you will love this saving.
Thanks Lisa xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Apartment Bargains From 11th October to the 25th October 2014 at Casa Pino Solo,Iznajar,Andalucia

Hi to you all!!!!
Just to update everyone we are running as 3 separate apartments from the 11th October to the 25th October 2014 instead of a group villa.
You can rent out our poolside apartment which we do have two of these for only 40 pounds per night for one apartment(reduced from 60 pounds per night) so a great saving
you can rent our luxury king size roof terrace apartment for only 50 pounds per night for the apartment(and again this is reduced from 70 pounds per night)
Included in your price is all your linen,robes,bathroom towels and pool towels plus free full use of the heated pool,hot tub and unlimited wifi plus free parking.
You can get to all the cities at ease and our beach and lake of Iznajar is only 5 minutes drive from Casa Pino Solo. Do e mail me for more details  info@casapinosolo.com
Thanks Lisa xx

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hi to you all!!
Just to let you know we have 3 reduced weeks on offer in October 2014 -
11th -18th October 2014
18th -25th October 2014
25th October - 1st November 2014
All these weeks are now reduced to only 2000 pounds per week to sleep up to 20 people and only 1500 pounds to sleep up to 10 people.
This includes the kids half term holiday so if your looking for a Autumn holiday come and stay at Casa Pino Solo in Andalucia and enjoy the hot October temperatures and our facilities including a heated pool and hot tub.
Do get in touch with me on info@casapinosolo.com
I hope to see you in October,Thanks Lisa xx